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Here you easily and securely can book tickets to Florence's cathedral, the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio, food and wine tours, segway tours around the city and much more.

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  • Florence Wine Tasting

    Our wine tasting tour in Florence is the perfect way to taste and discover Tuscany! Taste great Italian wines in traditional Italian wine bars and experience Florence like a local. All wine tasting tours are run in small groups and takes you to wine shops and wine bars of high quality and with expert service. Experience Florence is the funnest way possible, get your tickets here.

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  • Florence Segway Tour

    Experience Florence in a new and fun way! On this Florence Segway Tour our experienced guide will take you through the city, while explaining the history and culture of Florence aided by the video and audio-guide system on your segway. It's great experience and by far the most fun way to explore a new city. Book today!

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  • Brunelleschi's Dome - Skip the line

    Walk right past the notoriously long lines and access the Brunelleschi Dome straight away! Your tour guide will lead you to the top of the highest building in Florence, where you can enjoy the magnificent view over the city and Tuscany. Book your tour up in Florence cathedral's dome now!

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